Ultra Low Impact Paintball

GellyBall is a ultra low impact style of paintball for ages 5 and up. 



Gelly Ball is played with our Gelly Ball Blasters that shoot a gel style ball much like Orbeez. The Gelly Ball blasters can hold up to 750 shots without reloading, and the blasters themselves are very easy to use. 

GellyBall is a low impact version of airsoft/paintball. Being hit with a GellyBall is like being snapped with a rubber band. It will not stain clothing or leave a residue. We will supply the Gelly Blaster and a mask; no other protective equipment is supplied.

The recommended ages are 5 and up, but during testing, younger kids found it stung for a second at first but they wanted to keep playing.

We are currently offering Gellyball for groups, with the hopes of adding an open play event for the 2021 season. 


Group information


Parties will be scheduled in 2-hour time slots at 9AM 12PM and 3PM.


This includes unlimited GellyBalls and 12 guns and 12 masks. You will also have a private referee to help with game play and follow safety rules.


Parties MUST be scheduled and paid in full in advance, walk on play is not available at this time.


Pricing for the 2-hour time slot is $300 for unlimited group sizes with up to 6 VS 6 people playing at a time, rotating out players within your group.


To schedule, please email us at, call us at 309-428-3228 or message us on Facebook.